My Evening Guest …

All snuggled up in bed, letting myself unwind and relax after a long day that included physical therapy, the sound of my doorbell pierced my peaceful quiet.  By the time I found clothes to throw on and made it past my four legged kids barking, I opened the door to find no one there.

As I stepped out to look and see if I could catch a glimpse of who I’d missed one of my little neighbors ran forward, her quiet dark eyes beckoning me to “come, come …”  Clearly she was distressed.

“I didn’t know who else to come to,” she explained, “with your love of animals, I thought surely you could help … there in the middle of the road, it’s a baby bird, it’s not moving … I’ve never held an animal in my life, I don’t know what to do, but I know you will …”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this beautiful little neighbor say so much.

Sure enough, the poor little thing wasn’t moving and was definitely in the middle of the road, headed for road kill or cat kill, I’m not sure which … nor was I sure how the poor little thing had gotten there.  Gently, I picked him up to place him in a box, and he cried out in protest, but still didn’t move his little legs or wings.

I’ve tucked him into a box I’ve since lined with soft cotton, given a few eye droppers of water which seemed to help bring the baby out of a bit of dehydration. (and of course, one of the first things I read – afterward – is to not force water down a bird, you can drown it.  I’m only relaxed because I didn’t force, only offered and the baby drank for me)

Now what to do?  I’m not up on my ABC’s of how to save a baby bird.  I’ve covered the top of the box with a mesh basket so air flows easily and hidden it away in my pantry to give it dark quiet and time to revive while I figure out what to do with the little bugger.  I see no injuries and after I gave him water it did seem to help him feel more like moving.

Any suggestions?  Birds are the hardest to save and best left alone, but one really can’t leave a baby in the middle of the road, nor set him on the side of the road as open prey.


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