Thank You @LizaJne …

Speaking of Gratitude … a while back @LizaJne read my post about @Starbucks & @Klout and discovered I loved Pikes Peak Coffee.

So, what did she do?  She surprised me and sent TWO bags of Pikes Peak Coffee with the sweetest note attached.

Every morning, as I’ve made my mocha magic out of that coffee (because I’m not adult enough to drink it black) I’ve thought of @LizaJne and just how incredibly sweet she was to surprise me with that coffee. 

Totally. Really. Surprised
It was one of the sweetest, most unexpected, out of the blue surprises! 

ThankYou, ThankYou, ThankYou @LizaJne ~
I’m drinking up the last of your gift and I have LOVED every minute of it!!

Can you see why I’m so grateful? 

My life is full of awesome moments and totally awesome people!




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