Do You Know @Zach_Bonner?? You Should!!

Have you met the AMAZING @ZACH_BONNER? A 12 year old walking across the United States from his home state of Florida, to raise money and awareness for #Homeless Children!

He’s on his way into Southern California, if all goes well, some time tomorrow.  I read that his mother is concerned about the weight he’s lost, and on this last leg of his amazing journey, he’s getting pretty tired. It’s getting harder, not easier.

Look at how far this amazing young man has come ON FOOT! 

You can Follow him on Zach Tracker

Understandable that he’s getting worn out, so lets take Zach’s mind off his feet & send him LOTS of Love & Laughter & a parade of CHEERS! 

As you can see here, from his last blog post this is getting hard for him.

Let’s LIFT HIM UP for the last leg of this incredible walk and help cheer him through California!

Send him a Text of Encouragement tomorrow or the next day!
(813) 495-1813 Phone or Text
Post a note on his blog and Follow him on Twitter @ZACH_BONNER

I’m hoping to hear from him mom tomorrow so we can perhaps send goodwill & cheer to Zach on his route, get him some company, cupcakes and vitamin water!

If you’re from Southern California, find Zach & Cheer him on!!
He deserves our Support!


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