Through Any Moment …

My "Happy Monday!" morning cheers quickly took a turn around 11:32 a.m. as I was going through my email.  It was the email no one wants to see.

The email informing me of the loss of not only a beloved friend, but the Dr. who literally saved my life.  Not only am I filled with grief, but the future of my medical treatments also hangs in the balance, waiting to find out it's fate along side of waiting to hear news of funeral arrangements and laying to rest a beloved, kind visionary who's life touched mine in so many, many ways. 

His life's knowledge gave me the gift of *my* life.

As if the loss of one person I love wasn't enough, later this afternoon I had one more blow to be dealt.  I had been meaning to get up and see Mark (aka as Aardvark) but the last couple of months had piled up with my own medical issues, and last month Mark passed away, a victim of brain cancer, and the loss of a friend who was like a brother to me.  His family was so grief stricken at the loss, they hadn't let anyone know.  Mark is also who introduced me to Dr. Hitt … as ironic as that may seem.

My heart is silenced by the loss.

Although I know the grief will pass and my life is richer for having known both of these men, for today I cry an endless stream of tears that seem to have no beginning and no end.  They just continue to flow.

Through any moment of darkness, light will always follow … and love will always be there.
I grieve a great loss, but know I am blessed.


One response to “Through Any Moment …

  1. oh, i’m so sorry to hear that! what a shock, and how strange. my thoughts are with you …

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