Currently at My Front Door …

Well, not exactly AT my front door, but on the way to my front door.
That counts, doesn’t it?

I love Spring flowers, but it’s that changing of the guard time.
Time to pull out and replace Spring flowers while some are still holding on to
their beauty and plant for Summer. 

In the Central Valley area of California, Snapdragons and Pansy’s
won’t hold up to our heat, they’re a Winter/Spring flower only.
I always frown a little when I see Nursery’s keeping them
in stock or pushing the sale of Snaps and Pansy’s after March. 
People will go to all the trouble to plant them only to have the
Summer’s heat of June and July suck the life out of them.

We’ll be have bouquets of Snapdragons this week.

Of course, if our weather continues to wait on the heat wave,
Spring could last until June this year.
(I doubt it, I’ve never known California to not participate
with full force in summer.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Special Mother’s that I’ve become friends with.  I hope you’re celebrating your day in some way special and taking time to
appreciate all that you are.



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