Blonde Moment #3492

Earlier today, with a million things on my mind
as I was leaving the gym, scanning the parking lot
“which isle did I park my car in …” question popped to the front of my mind.

Ah! There it is!

Wearing my baseball cap & dark shades to ward off the bright Spring sunshine,
I noticed as I got closer to my SUV there were some serious scratches on the rear bumper.  I was like WTF?  How on earth did my rear bumper get scratched?

Not once, but THREE times?

breathe…   “It’s fixable … no worries.”

Then I notice the birdshit.

Lots of bird shit. 

Damn, I really need to wash my car.  I knew it was dirty but this is …
this is a LOT of bird shit. 

Damn pigeons.  No pooping on the Rav allowed!

I pressed the auto-lock button, the alarm giving it’s usual “beep, beep” and I open the Rav’s front door and …

…. and Wait a minute … it’s not my car!

Sheepishly backing away and looking around to see if anyone thinks I’m stealing their obviously UNLOCKED car, I then notice …

Mine was the NEXT Rav over.  *blinks*


It’s a blonde world after all …


One response to “Blonde Moment #3492

  1. This is my first time visiting you blog and I love it! And, from one blonde to another (you are right) – it really is a blonde world after all!!!
    So nice to meet you!

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