Bowls Wanted …

You know those tedious kitchen organization jobs you keep meaning to do?
The ones that keep getting put off year after year, like organizing the junk drawer?

Ok, I confess, my junk drawer IS organized.

But my Tupperware was driving me crazy!
For like TWO years I’ve been going to switch the kitchen drawers and cupboards around.
Reorganize it.  Go through the Tupperware containers and put it in this perfect, perfectly
organized place I have to put it.

Well, thank God I finally got over myself and got that job done!

And … if you’re missing a lid for YOUR Tupperware, I think I found it!

However, could someone explain to me where all those missing containers went?
I can’t believe I’ve been packing lids without containers.

Aren’t there laws against such things?


One response to “Bowls Wanted …

  1. We seriously need to get together – because I have all bowls and no lids. The worst part: When we moved just seven months ago, I tossed everything that didn’t have a top. How do they disappear so quickly?

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