Can you say $Eight Dollars?

I can’t remember the reason I popped into our local Dollar Store the other day, but am Oh so glad I did.  I hit a vegetable bargain bonanza!

Granted, I’m lucky enough to live in an area where we get good produce anyway.  But finding that produce at the Dollar Store for 3 times less than I’d pay at the grocery store makes me VERY VERY happy.  I bought ALL of these fruits & vegetables for EIGHT DOLLARS.

I know my Organic loving friends would cringe that I bought Dollar Store vegetables, but hey, most of them were labeled from our local produce packing company.  I was so in love with how good they looked, I almost didn’t care.

So, the moral of this story, boys and girls, when you’re on a budget, or just trying to save because of our uncertain economy, don’t forget the Dollar Store.  Sometimes you come across a great find!  (I know I’ll be going back soon, they carry the SAME water I buy at the grocery store, only for considerably LESS!)

I so dig a great deal, whether it’s fashion or vegetables.

Now if only I could find these kind of bargains in the medical world!

#28DayChallenge  Day (?)


2 responses to “Can you say $Eight Dollars?

  1. I always buy my water at the Dollar store, their brand. Ours doesn’t have produce though.. that would be awesome!

  2. that nice price,here in my country its so expensive..i hopeso like that eight dollars.

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