Your Last Tweet – by @PrincessTweep (guest blogger)

You’re Only As Good As Your Last Tweet


Ok, something is really bothering me. All I hear is that to be good at tweeting you have to “add value.”


Well, what is “value” anyway?


Is that “business value” or simply value to me?  


Because I kind of like it when someone says something like “Whole Foods has some really great plums right now.”


I mean that’s useful, right?


Frankly, I don’t mind the random tweets, like “feeding the cat and thinking about the fact that I’m still single.” After all, I can relate.


But the truth is I’m someone who takes things very seriously, so naturally when people say add value, I get really stressed because I want to be really, really, really good at tweeting.


Plus I have my followers to think of, ya know? I mean, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, especially not @blondebydesign. She relies on me to give her at least one laugh a day. That’s a lot of responsibility!


I’ve been getting so stressed about my tweet quality that for the past week, that I now have TMJ and can barely chew!


Was it always this way? Or is the bar higher than it was when @blondebydesign and I were just twitter newbies all those years ago?


I feel like I can’t just go on anymore and say stuff like “at the mani-pedi – what color should I get?” I mean, what if I lost some followers because of that? I don’t want people to think I’m shallow. Or blonde!


So, the other day, I made like 10 business tweets in a row. I was cranking out the tweets and people were retweeting me and all. It was great! So I started to relax because I was so happy — and I got a few new followers too. It was a great day!


But the next day, I thought, gee, well I get a “bye” today because yesterday I was such a rockstar, so I tweeted that I was cleaning out the cat litter box.  


When I came back my Qwitter app said that someone had unfollowed me.


I looked at who it was and it was my good friend @blondebydesign!


I was totally confused, so naturally, I wrote to her…on EMAIL since I couldn’t DM her anymore.


And I said, “hey why did you stop following me?”, and she replied, Well, hon, you just aren’t adding any value. Don’t you know I prefer dogs? *hugs*”





One response to “Your Last Tweet – by @PrincessTweep (guest blogger)

  1. so, I had to check. Because I wanted to be *really really* good at this, too.
    I liked this post. Even if for no other added value than “I can relate.”

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