My Twitter Friends are Rock Stars …

Twitter has opened the door and allowed us the opportunity to walk into the lives of some amazing people Annie and Pat through 140 characters and pressing SEND.

One of those truly amazing, extremely kind, very sweet, shyly FUN, talented and smart people I've had the privilege of knowing is Annie Boccio.  She's multi-faceted and if it's a technology trend, she's probably been there before you even knew it existed.  She doesn't go out of her way to draw attention to herself, yet she's a Queen at wordpress, helping people who ask, and runs a successful business, where she produces magic for her satisfied clients.  Annie is a pleaser.  She gives, she tries hard and she cares.  She's one of those rare combinations of people that come into your life and touch it in positive ways and yet, you  may not have exchanged more than a few dozen tweets.


Some of you may remember The Kandahar Project that I started after connecting with Jim Long (@newmediaJim) via Twitter while he was on one of his many trips overseas. 


What you may not know (because, while I Thanked everyone, I was so exhausted after the project, I dropped the ball on getting ALL the details out to you) is that Annie's husband, Pat, donated 25 very awesome USB Flash drives for the Kandahar soldiers Christmas care packages and they absolutely LOVED THEM! 

Another important FACT you may not know; Kindness and Giving are a part of the framework in the Boccio Family.  Pat, Annie's husband is locally known for his giving and volunteering in Green Brook, New Jersey where they live.

As a matter of fact, Pat, an Electrical Engineer (who runs a successful business himself), is not only Annie's awesome husband of TWENTY-THREE Years, father of three equally awesome sons, but he's also currently running for the Township Council in Green Brook, New Jersey! 

Pat has always been involved in helping out his community and now he's taking it one step further.  Personally, from what I know of Pat and Annie, if I lived in Green Brook, New Jersey, Pat would definitely have my VOTE.

GOOD LUCK, PAT and Thank You, Annie for being such an awesome Twitter friend!




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