If Lava could talk …

I’m sure she’d say, “It’s been a tough day being me … “

Day before yesterday Lava, somehow injured herself.  Since the only time she was out of my site was for all of 10 minutes while I was walking her brother @BennyGentlGiant, I was totally puzzled as to how she managed to puncture herself.

However, long story short, I suspect it was the lattice wire fencing I have around the flower sections of the yard (which is on it’s way OUT!) and that possibly she hit it somehow just right while running.  If she had to puncture herself,  we’re very very lucky.  It didn’t hit a muscle, an artery OR her jugular.  Still, it makes me fight tears to see her all stitched up like this …


2 responses to “If Lava could talk …

  1. I’m also sure she would say that she is very lucky and grateful to have such a good mommie

  2. Oh poor baby, I sure hope things are better and she has the tube out. Hugs hon!!!!

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