A Rose for a Wig

Today I watched as a woman passing by a wig shop spotted & delighted over a fun, shiny black bob cut wig
with bright blue highlights & bangs.  The shop owner courteously asked her if she'd like to try it on despite her obvious apprehension.

The wig was absolutely made for this woman!  When she pulled it on her eyes lit up and danced like she's just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Her boyfriend stood back and watched, a meaningful but worried look creasing the corner of his mouth,  yet he couldn't help but nod with approval.

Then a quick discussion between them followed and I could tell this wasn't going to go well.  She pulled off the wig, head bowed, handed it back to the shop keeper.  It was when she pulled off the wig cap that I knew she had to have this wig.

She had no hair. 

It was a soft and sparse fuzz you'd find on an infant, but truly, more scalp then hair.

Reluctantly, she tied a crumpled American Flag bandanna scarf  back on her head,  stuffed her baseball cap over it & left the shop.  I was an observer from a distance.  Not involved.  Not a part of anything ..

And then it happened … my asking the shop keeper "How much does that wig cost?"
When she told me, without thinking I knew what I was going to do and I said, "can you stop her?  I'll buy the wig .. "

So, @phillymac …

I did my 3 hugs today.  A Shop Keeper, a hair dresser and a lady with no hair, all of whom I've never met before and will probably never see again.

As it ends up, the lady with no hair had been injured in a car accident.  A brain injury.  She still had difficulty talking and I listened intently, as if my life depended on everything she had to say, giving her my undivided attention. 

She stumbled over her words, telling me of the accident, the trauma, the hospital sending her home four days after the accident only to discover they sent her home while her brain was still bleeding.

We hugged and she started on her way, then she quickly stopped, rummaged through her purse, turned and brought me this rose.

"It looked better earlier when I picked it, but it's still so soft and it smells good"
and she handed it to me.

I could only smile, accept the rose and thank her…

A Rose for a Wig seemed like a fair trade.


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