When Five equals Nine … part II

Suddenly what I thought I had weeks, even months, to prepare for needed action in the NOW.  Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but in the "figure it out" NOW.

After reading the Gentle Giant Rescue adoption regulation and requirements (mandatory) and knowing what my summer schedule was looking like, in order to add to my Ark Family I would have to act soon.

Like within the next week.

Would it even be possible to pull it all together?

Just as the sun was waking up from the night's slumber, stretching it's morning glow across the early DSCF5450 horizon the following Saturday, Galen, Izzy and I, armed with luggage and dog food for an overnight stay headed out on a five hour drive to the Gentle Giant's Rescue. 

At this point I had no idea of what kind of dog we'd be bringing home or even what was available.  It could be big, it could be small.  It could be young, it could be old.  Mostly, what it would be is a new Ark Child.  I loved who ever I was bringing home before I'd even met them.

Everything was piecing together.  Everything was going smoothly.  Travel and the traffic were clipping right along and I was making good time.

And then traffic came to a dead stand still.  Nothing moved.  It was like time had stood still and everyone held their breath.

There had been an accident.

Some where between the first accident (a bad one) and the second (because one accident in one day apparently wasn't enough) I got off track and missed my exit.

I'm driving and driving and driving and things just don't feel right.  I'm getting that knot in my gut that say's "ummm, blondie, better let the other you drive for a while."  (you know, the responsible part time adult that lives inside of me) *grins*

Then the tell tale signs came that you can't ignore.  The signs that say you're SO LOST, SO far out of the way that you've actually driven to some where you (small drum roll please) KNOW where is!!  (if you know me, you know there are not many places in the world I can say that about.)

Two signs told me I was WAY Lost and hours past my destination.
Ortega Highway Exit 74. San Diego.

Damn and Oops!!

Time to dial 911 Blonde Directions Please.  Speed dial.

Fortunately the friend I had on speed dial gives GREAT Blonde directions and had me turned around, taking a shortcut and headed back in the RIGHT direction in no time!  Unfortunately my five hour drive had turned into a NINE HOUR drive.  I'd all ready called Gentle Giants Rescue to let them know I'd be late and they were totally cool about it.

Calm.  Relax.  I'll get there in time.  I'll get there when I'm supposed to be there.

The original scheduled appointment for our adoption interview was 1 o'clock.  Had I not come up on two accidents and taken a scenic detour I would have been very early.  Now I was late.  And exhausted.

There was no time to give in to fatigue, so after a few phone calls back & forth between Tracy & Burt Ward, owners of Gentle Giants Rescue, I parked below their massive property and crawled in the back with Galen & Izzy to rest and wait my turn while the adoption taking place before me wrapped up.

Time passed at a casual slow pace, I sunk into the dog beds in the back of the girly-girl SUV, snuggling with Galen & Izzy.  I realized I'd probably have dog hair every where on me, but I didn't care. 

We'd just make it a new fashion trend.  *smiles*

Then the call came. 

It was my turn.  Could I come up to the main gate, please?

to be cont …


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