The Mother’s Day Adoption … Part I

I've always known I would get another puppy.  It'd been a plan for the last two years.  I'd looked off and on, never quite finding the right fit or deciding exactly what kind of puppy the next Ark Kid would be. 

The plan had begun with wanting to find a smaller playmate for Kitty, who was more of a dog trapped inside a cat's body than 100% cat.  Sometimes Kitty's feelings would get so hurt when Galen & Izzy were outside playing and he couldn't go with them.  We have coyotes in the acreage behind us and I didn't want my little hunter to become coyote bait.  Although he'd rather be a dog, he'd reminded us that he truly was all cat and once was enough.

Kitty and Galen Galen would notice Kitty watching as he and Izzy ran, dodging & dancing around each other in the back yard and often would stop, come back inside and play just with Kitty.  Those moments almost broke my heart they were so thoughtful and so sweet, but that's my Galen, he's a sweet boy.

So, fast forward to Mother's Day and me spreading myself too thin, busy, fielding calls & being helpful, catching up & consumed with one of those days where everything clicked even though my head was in a million different places at one time.  I was missing Kitty (it is still a great loss & I continue remain hopeful for his return)missing Jo with a more pronounced edge than usual this Mother's Day, and at the same time feeling filled with gratitude for a milestone of time that has passed yielding a celebration in my life.

Some where in the midst of a dozen multi-tasking thoughts, the neighbors Great Dane I'd recently help catch and return home after he'd ran away popped into my head.

And then the dangers of Google began.

Google:  Great Dane

The results were many, but in the stream of many one caught my eye.  A site I had looked at a year or so before.  Gentle Giants Rescue. 

Some where in the midst of a really busy day I'd decided, "why not?" and started to fill out the adoption application for the Gentle Giants Rescue.   I might as well get the process started, after all, it would take a while.  There was plenty of time to get ready.

So there I was, on Mother's Day, filling out this adoption application in between everything else I was doing, thinking that it'd be weeks before I'd have an answer or even know if I was approved to adopt one of these Gentle Giants.

Around three that afternoon I hit the SEND button and there my application went, vanishing into cyber space waiting to land in the Gentle Giants email inbox. 

Not giving it a second thought, I continued on with my busy day, thoughts ranging from future plans to gratitude mixed with a bit of grief over Kitty and Jo.

Exhausted, but pleased after a day full of accomplishment, the subject of an unfamiliar email address caught my attention as I was shutting down my computer for the night. 

Your Application to Adopt a Gentle Giant — Approved!!

Approved! So soon?  I thought it would take weeks.  At the very least DAYS.  Approved at 11:52 p.m. on Mother's Day.

I smiled inside.

It was meant to be.



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