The Biggest Loser …

I feel like a contestant on The Biggest Loser,

only I have nothing to lose.


Twenty-Five bricks and twenty five trips from the SUV to the back yard.  I'm thinking I might be able to skip the gym today.

Normally I would use my faithful dolly, but my dolly ditched me for a flat tire.


I always feel like such a he-man every time I pump up my dolly with Fix-a-Flat.

I'll feel even more like a girl genius when I get that flat PERMANENTLY repaired!  It's retired itself from Fix-a-Flat and is no longer cooperating.

I declare this one flater than flat, flat tire!

Intermission over.

Now, about those bricks …. 


One response to “The Biggest Loser …

  1. Now *THAT* is a flat. See if you can replace them with solid lawnmower tires from Wal Mart..

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