While you’re rushing off to enjoy your weekend …

Doughnuts Please take a moment some time this weekend, stop by your local bakery or the bakery at your favorite grocery store and pick up a big box of assorted donuts. 

 Most places have really reasonable deals on them.  A dozen for $3.60, 24 for $6.00. 

Now, find a homeless shelter or tent city in your area.  Mixed in with the homeless are American family's & children who have become victims of the foreclosure crisis.  Single mom's, and an over whelming estimated 7000 homeless children in  Sacramento alone!

A box of donuts is not that big of a drop in a budget when we're all tightening our belts, and yet will enable you to do an Act of Kindness & brighten the day of those that are struggling and facing Easter weekend in a shelter, or worse, one of the many Tent City's that are cropping up in Anywhere USA. You can also visit one of your local food banks & drop off a can of soup or any non perishable itme.  It doesn't have to be a lot, helping out doesn't mean hurting you.  It simply means "give what you can."

It doesn't have to be donuts, although something sweet & out of the ordinary for a struggling & often hungry family can well be appreciated & yet not overly costly to you. (a bag of Easter Candy will work as well!)  If you're really into it, grab a loaf of bread, a small jar of mayonnaise & a pack of lunch meat.  It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, just a thoughtful gesture and a simple meal for a family or group of people struggling in the harsh climate of our economic times.

Don't worry that you can't feed everyone you may come across. 

What you can do will be enough.  

Every little bit we do will add a small glimmer of light in some way to a person who is struggling.  The simple act of CARING will inspire someone in ways you can not even imagine and send the message of HOPE and LOVE into the world.

Of course, practice the obvious measures of keeping yourself safe while out doing your good deeds!  Take a group of friends, go during daylight hours.  Being helpful doesn't mean being reckless with your safety!

Every little bit counts and sends the message that WE ARE UNITED in this plight to help make OUR WORLD a better place for all. 

Make a difference where you can however you can. 

You can do that.  You have that kind of power.


14 responses to “While you’re rushing off to enjoy your weekend …

  1. Thats a marvellous idea!

  2. My pleasure to pass it on, and although I’ll be home all weekend, I’ll make a donation in your honor at an online charity that supports your efforts.
    You’re a sweetheart.

  3. What a wonderful idea I will share all over.

  4. What a lovely idea.

  5. Incentivizing people to do random acts of kindness serves all! Those receiving the generous spirit of another feel a renewed sense of self-worth. Those acting kindly resonate with good will. Doing good for others makes us feel good! When we feel good doing something – we do even more of it! What a wonderful cycle!
    Arleen Anderson
    Tweet me http://www.AlohaArleen.com

  6. I’ll have to see if I can find a place that will take perishable items because that doughnut idea is fabulous!

  7. Sweet idea! It’s important for all of us to jump in and help one another in anyway we can. Blessings, Jenna

  8. A wonderful idea, and beautifully put. Thank you!

  9. Wonderful idea… It’s so easy to forget how to be a blessing to others!
    Have a blessed Easter celebration!!

  10. Great stuff! Glad to send this along.

  11. Great idea! Simple, inexpensive, doable.

  12. I love your heart! Such a fabulous idea. Tweeting it now. *hug*

  13. Bob,
    It appears you missed the whole point! OR the parts about soup, bread & lunch meat. It’s just ONE weekend to give KINDNESS and light! Of course nutritious is ALWAYS good! We ARE talking about children who need to see something FUN for a moment. Try and not complicate the act of GIVING or “personalize it”. But please Do GIVE however you can!! **sends you love**
    (in answer to post below)
    A great idea to feed the homeless, but perhaps something a bit more nutritious would be nice. Giving someone who is probably not eating right to begin with a box of raw sugar… not the greatest. Especially if it’s still cold in your area as it is in Pa.. Having been a “gutter punk” myself as a teen, when you dont get the right nutrition, your brain doesn’t function and you get cold easy. And something with a little meat, cheese, and bread can keep you going alot longer. And being malnurished and going through a sugar crash sucks on the street. I learned the hard way when as soon as I got some loose change I’d grab a doughnut or candybar because they were cheap. But it does more harm than good. If you really want to help try a Lunchable or Ham and Cheese sandwich and a little bottle of OJ or Milk ! People need nourishment not junk ! Thanks for your time. And hello to any Center City Philadelphia Squatters that made it off the streets. Still daydream about the circle and Love Park in ’94 and sleeping on that nice soft recycled tire rubber gravel in Three Bears Park. Spanging. Stealing manic panic from Zipperhead, and dying my mohawk in a public bathroom. Sorry I’m getting off the subject…. Healthy food for the Homeless !

  14. Hey! – retweeted for you darling. great idea.

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