Who has it worse … ? The Pee POLL.

I was perusing through my Twitter stream and noticed a few of my Twitter pals have had a recent need to do the 'ol pee in the cup trick. 

You know. 

Urine_sample The mandatory, "Pee-ers Take Your AIM, On Your Mark, GET SET, …GO!…"

I, too, will be needing to perform this fine art of peeing in the cup tomorrow morning and then again later in the week while I do a bit of a doctor's dance (several medical appointments in one week). 

Well, all this need to pee got me thinking. 

(dangerous note .. blonde.  thinking.)  

I wonder who has it worse when doing the pee in the cup trick.  Men or women.

Although women can sit through the task, if their aim is off …   well, lets just say, use extra soap, girls!  Men not only get to stand, but can actually almost do the point & click routine.  See and PEE.  Seems much easier to me.  Unless, of course, their business requires two hands.  Then, who holds the pee cup?  A happy nurse?  A nervous toilet seat lid?

All these complications.  You'd never guess I've got more important things to get done than think about this, but truly, everyone needs to know what's important in life. 

Thus my seeing the need to form the  Pee Poll.   

After all.   This is definitely the season of polling.  Every time I log into Yahoo they want me to answer questions and cast my vote.  Well.  Why not vote on the real important issues of life. 

Who has it worse?  Who does it better? 


I mean, peeing does fit with the health care issues, does it not? 

*blue eyed blink*

Weigh in.   Cast your vote  Be Heard!!  

Who has it easier when doing the pee in the cup trick?   Men or Women?



23 responses to “Who has it worse … ? The Pee POLL.

  1. Men definitely have it easier! They can actually see what they’re doing!

  2. It has to be easier for men! I mean we have to hold the cup and just pray that we get it in the right place to catch the stream. Men can actually place the cup at the precise point of production *grin*

  3. I’m gonna go with men.

  4. Women have a much more challenging task, basically flying blind. And men start as little boys to perfect their aim and shoot technique!

  5. Much harder for women! For men it’s practically a SPORT! It’s freakin’ FUN!
    For women it’s an ordeal. We always wanna get it exactly right, follow the instructions, be precise.
    Plus it’s just harder to AIM, OK? It’s not like we spent our youth writing our name in the snow! ;p

  6. Ok, maybe it’s a bit of my misspent youth coming in to play, but I’ve never had a problem hitting the cup. Seems that it’d be a little more complicated for the ladies.
    P.S. I can’t believe I’m answering this Q. Right?! lol

  7. I’m with Marti, it must be easier for men. does it really take a grown man two hands to pee?

  8. two words splash back… seems like for women this would be more localized… we stand the risk of a good drenching… this is the difference maker to me.

  9. I wouldn’t know.. I get someone else to do mine.

  10. For most men: easier. For John Holmes, harder at first, until the fluffer shows up to help hold the cup.

  11. at Akela. And wait, you get someone else to hold it Documentally? Hmm if it was John Holmes I might offer to bet the fluffer. That being said, guys have it easy. Splashback? Yeah, I think your arms are plenty long enough to hold the cup far enough away to prevent splashback. Unless you’re bragging. Then pictures or it didn’t happen.

  12. Well phooey, I said I was laughing my you know what off at Akela. But it didn’t put that in.

  13. Not something I thought much about. I would say easier for men, they can sit and pee just as easy as a woman can. That way they can aim, shoot and contain!

  14. If a man can write his name in the snow… I’m just sayin’

  15. Men have it easier….they can see the cup they have to aim for.

  16. Hmmm I wonder if men pee in the cup while it is on the floor, is their stream strong enough to send the cup flying across the room???

  17. men have it easier, most definitely.

  18. Oh no doubt, guys have it easier.
    If I had a dollar for every time i’ve peed on my hand, i’d be rich. Just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

  19. I’m thinking of taking my vote that it’s harder for women. Because when my brothers were young they could barely find the bowl. And I’ve been at parties and such where it’s grown boys haven’t been so direct in their aim.

  20. Considering the gravity of the situation and the importance of the question and its significance, I have decided to conduct a randomized double blinded control trial to assess the various factors influencing the the ease of urinating into a small receptacle.
    I am Looking for lady volunteers who will participate in the trial. Send your mugshots, and I will randomly select those whose peeing skills I wish to examine in um, great detail.
    thank you
    blond lady, a pee poll, really, a PEE POLL!!!

  21. Ohhh, I knew there would probably be at least one comment I would have to delete. *laughs*
    How do pee polls happen one might ask? Well, easy enough if you’re having a blonde air moment, dreading another dr. appointment and you forget there there are pervs in the world. πŸ˜‰

  22. Oh my, did I start this concept poll. We have it easier, men that is. πŸ˜‰

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