The Walk that Rocks …

  Steph twitter pg 2                                                                 

While you were sleeping, two of our Twitter girls,  @geosteph and @laurak were making their way to the participant's check in center at the Washington DC Breast Cancer  3 Day Walk raising money and awareness to help bring Breast Cancer to an end.

No, you didn't misread that.


You're just in time to help, too!

@laurak's fund raising goals need a boost and you can help for as little as $5.00 at a time.  Or for as big as $50.00! Whatever you can do, and pass it on to your friends and your friends' friends LauraK walk picso we can help @laurak meet her *breastful* goals.  

Then take a big breath and yell "Tit's for America!!" (because you know you want to!)  *grins*

All you have to do is go HERE and make a small or large donation AND someone's tits will love you!

You can also follow along with our girl's on their walk by checking out their Stickcam HERE.



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