Playing in the kitchen …


With summer time comes summer parties.  Seems almost everyone is having one.  Even me.  I've been in a kitchen creating mood lately.  No particular reason other than life is art, even in the kitchen.

This week's kitchen crafts included the 7 layer bean dip and The Blue Jersey Girl, a drink I made up for my fun Twitter friend @TrueJerseyGirl. 

7 layer Bean Dip

2 cans Bean Dip (Frito or other brand)
1 12-16 oz jar Salsa
1 12-16 oz tub guacamole
1 small tub (16oz) sour cream
1 cube cream cheese
2-3 Roma Tomatoes
2 bunches green onions
1 cup sliced olives
Shredded jack & cheddar cheese

Spread Bean Dip on bottom of platter or glass cake pan
Pour Salsa on top of bean dip
Spread tub of guacamole on next (I also add slices of fresh guac & cilantro)
Add sliced tomatoes and onions
Cream together cream cheese & sour cream
Top with Cream Cheese, olives and cheese

Chill for 1 hr

The Blue Jersey Girl                       DSCF4160  

Serves 8

I can frozen Lemonade
1/2 cup Country Time Lemonade
Stolichnaya Blueberry Vodka
Blue Curacao
1-2 lb Fresh or frozen Blueberries
ice cube trays

Pour thawed frozen lemonade and 1/2 cup Country Time Lemonade into pitcher.  Add 4 1/2 cans water, stir. 

Put approx 6-8 blueberries in each cup of ice cube tray.  Fill w/ lemonade mixture & freeze.

Prepared drink:
Fill 8 oz glass w/ a small bit of ice and 2-3 blueberry ice cubes
2 oz Blueberry Vodka to 4-6 oz of Lemonade.  
1/4 oz  or to taste, float Blue Curacao over top.


One response to “Playing in the kitchen …

  1. That looks SOOOOoooOOOO delicious!

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