The Man in the Moon…

I have this really cool friend, Steph Stockman that works for NASA.  If you don’t follow her on twitter, well … why are you waiting? 


She’s blonde with TONS of brain power!  Your IQ pops up several levels just breathing in her air space!

So, Steph is involved with teaching the teaching community about lunar exploration, planetary science and educating us about the next lunar orbiter.

All the hip kids are putting their name on the moon.  Even on Utube!

So, all YOU have to do to join the million *other* hip kids, men, women and possibly an Ark Kid or two is go HERE, fill in the blanks, and send your name to the moon!

Now, aren’t you glad you did & don’t you feel much better for doing it?! 


(p.s.  All of those links lead some where .. click them & follow along!)


12 responses to “The Man in the Moon…

  1. Cool! Thanks for the heads’ up! 🙂

  2. Cute video. i’d not seen that. Though I have signed up to have my name go to the Moon. Woot! Good share.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Can we send people to the moon? I mean like, via FedEx? lol

  4. Poor Shane Keating!

  5. Aloha BBD,
    TX 4 sending me here – seems interesting, but when I hit the Play button – it says: Vid is no longer available – can you Tweet me when a replacement vid is uploaded?

  6. I just sent my name to the Moon. And then I sent my boyfriend’s name as well.
    Cool way to start the day! Thank you!

  7. Hey this is pretty cool… my “fam” is going to the moon.
    tnx for sending me tweet.

  8. This was really interesting.

  9. That is awesome….thanks for the Tweet my friend.
    But what name would I send.
    Steve (sort of boring)
    Steve Harper (likely even more boring)
    Mr. Ripple (maybe)
    Ripple Man (Hmmm)
    Ripple Dude (better but then people think I just copied Budweiser guy who really should be sending me checks because I made the dude name so popular back in the day)
    It’s a quandary….Help Me Blonde By Design Twitter Friend!
    Ripple On!!!

  10. You should have seen the look on my kids face when I told them that their name was going to the moon! I printed out the cool little certificate and had it there for them this morning when they got up out of bed. For now they are the only ones in their school who is going to the moon. In name that is. Thanks BBD! Roger Taking You To XtremeSuccess!

  11. that was really cool! I enjoyed the sites you linked to also….
    for now my name and daughter’s name are going to the moon!

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