I bet you wondered …

Dscf3318 I bet you were wondering if I was everrrr going to  tell you about the Kandahar socks?

I will.  I plan on it.  I meant to way before the way before of now.


I’m afraid I let life, health and struggling to keep my head above water while focusing on keeping a cheery disposition get in my way. 

Soooo, I twitted the socks away while floundering in writers block.Dscf3316

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

*impish grins*

But, some day when you look here, you just might see the rest of the story.  It’s overdue, you know?

(yes, I know you know .. lol)


2 responses to “I bet you wondered …

  1. That’s genius – and very pretty!

  2. haha! Those socks give me writers cramp just from looking at them. We had a lot of fun doing those. 🙂

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