Bringing the Fun Back …

Cami_2 Lately there’s been a little moaning in the rafters of Twitter.  A few complaints about our Fridays being boring.  Some rumbling about missing Stripper Friday and being tired of eating PEAS. 

On the flip side, although I had no idea, there have also complaints about Stripper Friday sent out on podcasts and seesmics.  Some I can understand, one person’s opinion .. maybe a little too self righteous for my taste, but that person isn’t on my friend list, so it’s cool.  *smiles*

Change comes from communication, cooperation, and understanding, not hurling insults out into the airways.  Well.  Honestly.  Both sides have issues and balance needs to be the fundamental ground here.

Ann, PreppyDude and I have talked about this and all agree, EVERYONE is ready for a stress break, to let their hair down and a have a little fun.  Thus, I suggested we have a TTOA (Twitter Tits of America) day.  This day was started last March amongst friends when Duane, Paul, Ann, Cat , DougE and I were busy chatting away with each other on twitter and trying to figure it all out.  It was purely an action out of silliness.  I think Dude was having a bad hair day, Paul made a smartass comment and well, I happened to have a picture – or two – I could crop my head out of, producing the fine art of avatar cleavage.  Granted, Paul could care less about my cleavage, but others got a chuckle & appreciation out of it.  It was done out of silliness and friends goofing around.

Now PEAS are important and we all love and support Susan and her fight with Cancer.  The good Lord knows Connie and Cathleen have both done a LOT of work developing the PEA foundation and it’s a wonderful cause.  As wonderful as it all is, and as much as we all love the hard work and support that goes into the PEA’s, no one can always have a steady diet of PEAS.

Time to switch it up a bit!  Thus, Ann, PreppyDude, and I declare this Friday to be a TTOA Friday!  Or, in honor of Ann being in Texas, a TTTOA Friday!!

Now, here’s the thing. 

While Stripper Friday was a take off from TTOA, at times, some of you (no matter how much I adore all of you) got a *little* out of hand. Be respectful!  There are people at work and people with children!  This isn’t about who can have the wildest porn or who can post the most shocking, attention grabbing avatar picture. 

Be creative BUT be tasteful!  Keep your avatars bits & pieces covered! lol

And most of all …. have fun!!


16 responses to “Bringing the Fun Back …

  1. i can haz man-boobs?
    Count me in!…oh wait, it’s Friday for me now…

  2. My boobies aren’t that big but I may have to do something as creative! Thank you for the boob luv! =)

  3. I’ll see what I can do… πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds like a fun idea. No one will be slighted that we have fun on Fridays. Rock on.

  5. I am SO gonna show my cleva… um… oh my… nothing here. My chest is a carpenter’s dream…

  6. I’m in… setting up the boob photo studio as we speak.

  7. You know how sometimes you’ll show up at a party and someone’s wearing the same thing you are, and it’s really embarrassing?
    Now I have to think of another Stripper Friday picture for Twitter. THANKS.

  8. I am in tho too spent to come up with a ginny comment. Maybe reading some of the disgruntled comments would perk me up!

  9. I am going to bed. Can I peas have some guidance in the morning? A few examples of going too far and are these real or surrogate pics you babes are using?

  10. I’ve changed my avitar to participate. Oh my–quite a trip for an old lady!

  11. THANKS! I was wondering why there were lots of boobs on my screen. Now, my boobs are covered pretty much today, and I don’t normally take photos of my cleavage, so I’ll do the best I can. But I’m always wanting to play. so don’t forget about me. kthx. πŸ˜›

  12. Well said! Though I don’t frequent Twitter much these days (so much to do, so little time!), I enjoyed SF for awhile and am happy to see TTOA picking up where SF left off so many months ago. If I find myself caught up on work and home, one might some future Friday discover a TTOA avatar on my twitters ;).

  13. Hi Sweetie!!!! I gave you an You Make My Day award on my blog.
    Love and hugs!!!!

  14. I would have started checking out Twitter much sooner had I known about all of this. πŸ™‚

  15. I would have started checking out Twitter much sooner had I known about all of this. πŸ™‚

  16. Sorry about the double post. It wasn’t to be funny.

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