A Chance to Make a Difference …

Ashleymemorialblinkie_3 This week we lost one of the sweetest, funniest, most loving moms you could find, an avid football lover and friend. The loss is still a shock to most of us. 

Imagining what life must be like for her husband, Peter and those two babies of hers, Toby (3) and Lucy (6 wks old)  is next to impossible to think about.

You can  help us make a difference in their lives.

Ashly’s family is no stranger to hardship, but this last blow, losing her, has been the worse imaginable.  We have been working on a memorial to help with expenses and hopefully, to give Peter a chance to breath while he decides whether he will remain in America or return to Reading, England where he originally is from.

Giving doesn’t have to hurt, and every little bit helps.  Even an amount as little as $5, when added to a sum total, can help make a big difference in Peter, Toby and Lucy’s lives in the difficulty of the days to come while this family learns to adjust to life without our beloved Ashly.

If you follow this link, it will give you more information about Ashly and her memorial.

*many thanks and much love*


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