Cooking for Kandahar

Dscf3257 I’d planned on doing my Kandahar Christmas cooking this weekend, but with the shipping date moved up, the rest of my life has had to step up to the plate as well.

If you’re planning on sending a package to Kandahar, PLEASE NOTE: In order for packages to arrive in time for Christmas, USPS has moved the shipping date UP from Dec. 11th to Dec. 4th.

Also, please know that ALL of your gifts & cards are appreciated! However, UNLESS you have been sending to the guys on a regular basis & established a rapport, Please DO NOT send homemade goods or any item that is opened.  This is for THEIR safety.  Please remember, they don’t know you and how good your heart is like some of the rest of us may.  It’s not a rule intended to offend or hurt you, but one to keep our soldiers safe from any unsavory sorts.

Dscf3262 So, I say, let the Christmas Season begin!

The first batch of peanut butter fudge is cooling while the second batch is waiting to begin.

If *You* would like to send a card, letter of encouragement, or care package to Danny Allman and his troop of men in Kandahar, please join us in sending Christmas cheer.

Danny’s address is:

Danny Allman,  JRCC, Kandahar,  APO AE  09355

Take a moment before your life goes in to complete holiday full gear and send our guys a card, letter or package of care.  Sending a care package to our soldiers doesn’t have to be expensive! You can send a thoughtful package for under $15.00.  Ask me how.

If you need ideas or have questions about care packages, please email me here.

If you would like to sponsor or be a part of sending the 30 plus care packages I will be sending out on December 4th (or sooner), sponsorship donations may be made through PayPal.  The email address donations are sent to is:

100% of ALL donations are used to ship or purchase items for care packages.

Anyone donating $5 or more will have their name put in a drawing to win 5lbs of fudge.

THANK YOU for helping me to bring our soldiers Christmas Cheer!

If you’d like to give to a soldier, another Sprite approved site to check out is

*Sending Love & the Spirit & Joy of the Season to All*


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