Got Kids?


If you’ve got *Kids* and have the time, I’d love to have Christmas Cards, pictures or letters from your child sent to our soldiers in Danny Allman’s troop in Kandahar. (for that fact, please don’t forget, we’d love to have *you* send a card or letter, too!!)

Anything these guys get from home means a LOT to them, so won’t you take a moment out of your busy day, get out the box of crayons & let your child be creative for our country?


Some how, there is nothing like the love and innocence of a child that sends a message clearer.

These two pictures are originals from some of our special kids that have taken time, and in a few cases, actually *dedicated time* to send Christmas Cheer to our soldiers in Kandhar.  WickedStepmom had a major arts & craft layout going on in her kitchen .  So far we’ve gotten pictures & letters from Colorado, Texas and North Carolina.  We’ve also sent special creations with past Kandahar shipments, made by children from Missouri, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  We’d love to add you & your children to our Christmas Card & letter mailathon to Kandahar!

Cards or letters from you & your children can be sent to:

Danny Allman, JRCC, Kandahar, APO  AE  09355

Please remember ALL packages & Christmas Cards MUST be mailed by December 11th in order to reach our Kandahar troop in time for Christmas!



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