And the box goes on ….

Dscf3082_3 Dscf3083_3

So, with the Kandahar pantry full at it’s best, the time to start boxing comes to a test.


The assembling of boxes, now it begins, folding and taping, counting again.


Adding up twenty, it’s time to fill, boxes upon boxes with goodies to thrill.


This box was guilty, despite seeming sweet.  I tugged and I pulled, I got knocked off my feet.

It finally did open, but the battle was lost.  A nail was broken, *sighs* such a great cost.


And where there are boxes, you’ll find empty more, as the filling begins and soldiers, they score.


Hunts snack packs and applesauce, then noodle cups. Doritos and ornaments patiently waiting. 

This boxing won’t stop til it’s filled to the brim, to send it out not stuffed would be a blonde sin. 


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