The Ark Kids are waiting ….


The Ark Kids are waiting for me to come to bed.  DougE has reminded me it’s past my bedtime, as I’m sure at least one maybe two … or three others would.

I’m just so excited to get the Kandahar Christmas Care Package Project organized .. so grateful for all the support & kind words so many of you have sent my way.

I truly can’t thank all of you enough! (and if you’re new to this & would like to be a part of it, scroll to the bottom & you can find out how! *smiles*)

So, the shopping and call to boxing begins.

Tonight I had a date with Costco, who’s secretly been madly in love with me for years, but is just now showing me it’s great affection!  Affection a blonde like me truly deserves! 

Ohhh myyy goshhh. 

Can I just tell you how much I love shopping at Costco???  Naturally, one still must do price comparisons and look for the best deals, because, no matter how much I love Costco and it loves me, there are times it lets me down and doesn’t give me the best deal in town!  Then, of course, I make a date with another store even though my beloved Costco will, at times, pout. 

*sighs*  But, what’s a smart shopper to do??


I saw these lovely little jewels that tried to seduce their way into my cart, but I resisted temptation.  Truly, I deserve some kind of award or something!


I was thrilled to death to be able to buy these packaged sweet rolls that I had had my eye on for my Kandahar Breakfast Box I am working on.  These are the perfect addition! Lewis, these sweet rolls are compliments of you!


When it comes to my Care Packages I have certain things in mind.  Some healthy goodies, some not so much.

I like to send our men in Kandahar a variety so they get a good balance of blonde nonsense and some *I make sense*. 


(and yes, I know the picture is slightly blurred, but it’s not like I can go back to Costco & take a do over!)


While at Costco I spied these terrific bottles of Prego.  All plastic like and dieing to be shipped to Kandahar for a Spagehtti night.  (so far I’ve sent them Mexican night — they seem to really like that)

If anyone would like to help sponsor Spaghetti night, the Prego is $9.99, if you want to be crazy, Parmesan Cheese is $6.79, and I can’t imagine the noodles being very much at all.

If you would like to send a care package, have an idea for a package, want to donate toward care packages or shipping you can contact me here or send a donation through your paypal account using this email address.

ALL who donate $5 or more to help with Christmas Care Packages for Kandahar will have their name put into a special drawing, the winner receiving 5 lbs of homemade fudge.  (DougE can verify that it’s very excellent fudge — winner’s choice, old fashion fudge, or peanut butter fudge)

Christmas Care Packages MUST be sent by DECEMBER 11, 2007 at LATEST. (in postal terms that means send by December 5th!!!)



One response to “The Ark Kids are waiting ….

  1. Wow! This is all truly amazing! I don’t know where you find the energy, let alone the time, to get all this done! You know there are lots of us out here in cyberland that are SO going to be giving you a hand! Keep fighting the good fight!

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