While I wasn’t blogging…

July_1_blog_025_4 A part of what I was working on were Care Packages for Danny Allman’s troop in Kandahar.

I wanted to make sure each man in the troop had a "Come Home Safe" care package.  I sent over 19 or 20 … or maybe more. 

I lost count.  Lets just call it the blonde blur.



Although I worried about each package being the same, I know they weren’t.  It was like packing up box lunches and snacks for special kids. 

Totally special! The men and women, sons and daughters, husbands and wives that are overseas representing our country.


I truly wanted to send the message within the energy of each box to say, "You ARE Loved", "You ARE Cared About", "We KNOW You are NOT Home!"

Unlike how AMAZING Ann was, I didn’t hand knit OR hand write 19 letters.  OMG!  She gets the AMAZING Woman of the Year Award in my books!  I stand in awe of her energy and her golden heart!!


I did send notes with each box, but when I wrote them I was going through my own personal struggle medically and emotionally.

My mind seemed to go blank.

I was at a loss of what to say to men and women who had sacrificed so much for their country.  I only hoped that the spirit of love sent with each care packed some how shined through to each soldier that received one.


Each time I work on any Kandahar project, Kitty mysteriously stays very close by.

Kitty has never had an affinity for anything cardboard, this trait shining through strongly during our move last summer.

Oddly enough, though, EVERY time I work on Kandahar boxes, it’s like he stands guard over them … it’s like he knows …


3 responses to “While I wasn’t blogging…

  1. What you are and aren’t I can’t say. What I can say is that what you are doing is pretty damn cool and I’m sure everyone that receives one of these packages will be touched. I hope your kindness comes back to you a hundred-fold.

  2. Awesome photo — seeing those care packages lined up like that. I’m going to help w/ the cost of shipping and ask others to chip in too! Thank you so much for doing this, and I KNOW they will feel the love inside each package.

  3. Pshhhh…what I have done is small in comparison…I’m overdue to get another box out to them. It’s not easy writing those letters to complete strangers. They no doubt call me the crazy lady from the cornfields…
    …but what they do every day is much harder. So I can find a way to carry on and send some silliness to them.
    Great job!

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