Doesn’t every soldier need….


Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly, flour tortillas to wrap them in and a peek a the funny papers …

This is the latest box headed for Kandahar … Trying to send a piece of home and a smile to our soldiers in Kandahar.

If you’d like to send something to Danny Allman and his troop of men, the address is:

Danny Allman,  JRCC,  Kandahar,  APO AE  09355

Or … many of you have asked how you can help but you don’t have the time, energy … or even a big budget … You can make a contribution to help send care packages, ESPECIALLY the Christmas Care Packages I’m currently shopping for and follow along on my blog.

Any donation, large or small (I’m talking $2 will help with shipping!) can be made through paypal at   

100 % of your donation goes to sending packages or shipping!!

Email for more information if you’d like to send or be a part of sending a care package of "We Want You Home" love to Kandahar. 

This is Danny Allman and THIS is the beginning of the project**PLEASE NOTE  Danny Allman’s CURRENT address is  DANNY ALLMAN, JRCC, KANDAHAR, APO AE  09355, not as stated on his link.


4 responses to “Doesn’t every soldier need….

  1. “I honestly have no clue what others think I am or who I am. Hopefully I somehow make a positive imprint some where in the world b/t jobs…”
    We “see” who people are in their actions… I’d say we all have a pretty good idea what kind of person you are by what you do. šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh, and you inspired me to have the son make us up a couple of PB&J tortillas for lunch… Thank you very much…

  3. Can I inspire that cute little boy of yours to write, draw or color a couple of pictures to send to our soldiers in Kandahar? Everything and anything counts! *hugs* to you both. (p.s. I hate to admit this, but you couldn’t get me to touch the PB&J .. lol. Not enough chocolate in it I guess!!)*grins*

  4. Just spoke to my son about your request, he says that he would be happy to do that and he commited to making one art item each day in homeschool for a week. DM me you’re address and I’ll mail them out to you on the 5th of November. He also said the PB&J-dillas were great and you should try one, with Red Plum Jam.

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