Dear Long Neglected Blog …

I haven’t forgotten that you exist despite my neglect of you.  I promise I’ll be back soon.  I have people to thank and things to tell, pictures to post and … you know, stuff. 

Since I moved in June life hasn’t seemed to slow down enough to let me breath.  I did think about ordering an oxygen tank, though.  *grins*  I’m guilty, as well, of twittering my life away rather than supplying equal or just a little time to you, dear long neglected blog.

I’ve been trying to find the *flow* in my new home (which I absolutely LOVE), working hard at working hard (I have SUCH a great job, but I need to learn to take a break now and then), gardening, I had guests from out of town, a bit of dance with the doctors over a medical issue or two, always active Ark children, processing the good, the bad, & the disappointing parts of summer and in between it all, working on the Kandarhar projects.

Over the past month or so, I’ve sent out approximately 20 care packages or so to Danny and his men in Kandahar.  Perhaps one or two more.  I lost count. 

I’m blonde like that.

I’ll tell you all about it as the week unfolds and I continue to make progress on my *catching up what’s behind* program.


The most recent boxes to head to Kandahar were stuffed with Halloween gouls, a fake spider or two (not that they probably don’t have plenty of the real ones over there), pumpkins, and of course a box filled with treats — candy and a TON of tootsie-roll suckers!

Nighters blog!  Tomorrow isn’t giving me any rest, so I need to find my bed!  More tomorrow….

*******PLEASE NOTE!!  The link to Danny has his OLD ADDRESS.  A new one will be posted shortly!!



2 responses to “Dear Long Neglected Blog …

  1. Thanks for surfacing and giving us an update! It is amazing how these new things take us away from the old. There are only so many hours in the day.

  2. Devorah — there are hours in the day?? *head tilt* Then where did mine go?? *smiles*

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