New kid on the block …


Although Kitty came into the Ark Family via Molly, Kitty is totally the 110 lb pup, Galen’s, best friend.

I’ve been a little worried since we moved in June, about how Kitty would adjust to our new home.  Even though Kitty pretends to be a dog, secretly we all know he’s still a cat.  We just keep the information to ourselves.

During the past week, I’ve slowly, finally, allowed Kitty to wander out into the back yard where he has played with Galen & Izzy as if he really was a dog.

Night before last, however, Kitty reminded us all that, although he chooses to be a Dat (half dog,  half cat), he really is a cat.  Some where amongst all the playing around in the back yard something caught Kitty’s eye … and when Galen & Izzy came back into the house for the night, Kitty was no where to be found.

Galen worried. I worried.  Then I took a deep breath and knew Kitty would be ok.  After all, this cat is no dummy.  He talked Molly into bringing him home summer before last.  Molly the "cat hating dog" adopted him.  I also knew that Kitty understood, *this is where we live now.*

Anyone that knows me well, knows that mornings and I aren’t always best friends.  Well, unless it’s the part of the morning that’s creeping past midnight. 

For some reason, the morning after Kitty’s disappearance, I woke early.  I checked ever entrance to the house and the entire back yard.  No Kitty.  *sighs*

I wasn’t too worried the night before.  Now, I’m worried, in that Ark mom way.

I quickly pulled on a pair of khaki cotton, tie at the waist capri’s, a summer cami, grabbed my straw hat and sunglasses and headed out the door with Kitty search & rescue on my mind.

Looking up and down the street in my new neighborhood, accessing who was up and about, who had left for work, who was leaving, I gulped in one brave breath of air and let out a worried shrill, not well formed whistle.  Truly, I’m not a good whistler, but Kitty doesn’t seem to mind.

Ark mom instinct pulled me to the right, so I continued to walk and whistle.  Stop and listen.

Then, I heard it … ever so faintly, but it was the sound I was listening for.  A faint cry.  A recognizable Meowwww.

Whistle.  Meow.    Whistle.  Meowwww.  Another whistle, moving in the direction of Kitty’s meows, no longer caring if any of my new neighbors are watching me.

I’m searching out houses on the street behind me, hearing Kitty cry loudly now.  Oh, Lord, I’m thinking,  did he get himself locked inside of a garage – again.  I thought he’d learned that lesson back at our old place.

I’m walking past garages, listening intently, looking over back yard fences … following the sound of Kitty’s cries. 



Finally, at the last house on the street, I hear Kitty clearer then ever and know he’s got to be behind this neighbor’s back yard gate.  As I’m peeking over the fence, seeing if the coast is clear to rescue my wayward cat, I notice a movement above me out of the corner of my eye.

And then … I saw Kitty.  A bewildered, innocent look on his face as he’s moving down the roof to get closer to where I am, The Search & Rescue Team.


Don’t ask me HOW or WHY Kitty was on the roof of my neighbor’s house, although I suspect a pigeon caught his attention, he got distracted, then nervous about how to get down. I’m really not sure.

I pulled myself up and balanced my butt on the cinderblock fence, patted the space beside me and coaxed kitty off the roof of the house.  He’s behaving like a cat, so I figured it wouldn’t kill him to jump the 3 feet from the lowest part of the roof to my perch on the fence.

Once rescuing Kitty from the roof of my neighbors house, I sheepishly looked around, hoping to God that NO ONE saw me, and totally grateful that the owners of the house didn’t come out and shoot me for trespassing. 

I haven’t heard any wild rumors yet, so I think we’re in the clear … and fortunately, Kitty has stayed VERY close to home since his rescue. 

Thank God.


7 responses to “New kid on the block …

  1. That was a giggle outloud worth post to start my day. Too bad kitty didn’t have a camera phone to take a picture of you up on that roof!

  2. Got to watch that Dat now that she remembers she might be a cat. Glad you found her!

  3. “I quickly pulled on a pair of khaki cotton, tie at the waist capri’s, a summer cami, grabbed my straw hat and sunglasses and headed out the door with Kitty search & rescue on my mind.”
    I’m so glad you made sure you had an appropriate ensemble complete with sunglasses so no one would think you were searching for something… I’m sure no one suspected a thing… LOL!!!!

  4. Still laughing at the fact that you were dressed rather well while looking for kitty…I think that is great…and I am glad the you found the baby!!! I’ll bet he learned his lesson!

  5. LOL I guess Ark Mama’s always look their best! And it cracks me up that Kitty answers to a whistle. Surely a Dat!

  6. I’ve never been a cat person. Ever. Ever. Ever. But a few months back someone dropped a kitten off on our street. I took it in and adopted it and named it duck.
    Duck went missing two weeks ago. And really…I can’t believe how upset I am over it.
    Soooo glad you found kitty!

  7. Are you SURE this isn’t my cat’s twin separated at birth? Your menagerie are just adorable!

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