I am …

Not nearly done with all I need to do and so exhausted I could cry.

Relieved my flowers didn’t die while I was down south doing the doctor dance.

Sad that I just made the first trip ever down south without Molly.

Missing Jo.  Missing feeling loved in that warm, "I’m here for you & you can trust me," mom sort of way.

On my way to bed and wishing I could sleep in … until noon.  Is it possible to call in sick to the maintenance man?  Yeah … I didn’t think so.  dammit.   


3 responses to “I am …

  1. Hey Hon! Sending big hugs! I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. Sending big hugs!

  2. Wishing you all the best this Friday. =)

  3. As a wise friend once told me…one step at a time…

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