This is Danny in Kandahar …

Danny While I’m trying to bail my  house out from the million and one boxes that found their way here from my old place, I’ve been working on the first boxes to be sent off to Kandahar. 

I’m feeling a little guilty that the first boxes will have to be "share" boxes and not individual boxes. 

I’ve gotten a lot of great response from Knitter friends and friends all willing to help in some way.  THANK YOU!!

Any and all letters from You, Your Children, friends and family are totally appreciated.

When mailing to our service men there are special procedures to follow.  If you’ll check THIS link out it will give you  helpful information & tips on packing boxes & what you need to do to do in order to send them.  It’s a simple trip to  your local Post Office to pick up a custom form 2976-A, which is required for all mail weighing more than 16 ounces.

This is Danny’s address:

Danny  Allman                                                                                                                            Police Training IPP                                                                                                                        APO AE 09355

Wanting to send a box, but not sure what to send?  Go here for more helpful tips.


Although I have to finish adjusting and repacking the first boxes to go out, Project Kandahar for Danny & his 18 Men of Steel is officially underway.

The first boxes include flour tortilla’s, an assortment of chips, tostito’s, and hot Cheeto’s, chili, refried beans, salsa, books, socks, Nerf balls, some silliness, tea, sunflower seeds, cookies, cheeses, peanut butter, grape and strawberry jelly … etc., etc, etc …

If you’ve any questions, want to help or be included, you can email me here.

Giving is a good thing.  Do it because you can. 


3 responses to “This is Danny in Kandahar …

  1. THIS is what makes Twitter the COOLEST!!

  2. Those of us at would be happy to help!!

  3. Just a tip. Priority mail FLAT RATE boxes are best because you pay one rate no matter how much the box weighs. They come in two sizes as well.

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