Saturday’s bargin shopping bonanza ..

I love a good deal, no matter where I get it from.  I mean, really, what’s not to like about getting something great for the best price possible?  Estate Sales, Garage Sales (good ones) are totally fun, and Saturday I went to my first model home furniture sale.  A local real estate company sold all of its vacant lots, as well as the model homes that were set up for floor plan viewing.  All the furniture in the model homes that were used for display had to go!  Including bedspreads, pillows, bathroom decor, etc. 

These are the treasures I brought home with me!New_house_kandahar_028

The bedrooms of the model homes looked like someone had devoured them.  Within the first hour scavengers had shown up with U-Haul trucks. cleared out much & left the scene. I was still able to find a few great bargains that I could use despite everything being picked over.

My home STILL isn’t put together, but I’m making progress on my goal of becoming BOXXXX FREEEE.  Some time this week I really need to find someone to help me move furniture – without dropping it on me.  I still have a bruise from the TV taking a detour from where it was supposed to sit to landing on me. lol

My selections ran from antique to shabby sheik.  The best buy of the day was $3 for the barn mirror.  The plates are totally fun, but, I think I might have overpaid for them (other than they are hand painted and I know the time it takes to do that – $10 for the plate set)  The sale was great fun, fitting it all in the girly-girl SUV a bit of a challenge, but totally workable.  (I had an audience watch me .. *rolls eyes n laughs*)

The biggest laugh though, was when I was carrying the antique table from the SUV to the house and I noticed a sticker on the bottom of it.  "MADE IN TAIWAN" 

Pffffttttt…. lol 

Ok, so it’s an antique replica. *laughs*  The price was right and it is fairly well made. ($35)  I’m having a lot of fun shopping and putting my home together … and so longing for the day I’ll be free from boxes.  (soon I hope)




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