Fresh fruit …


I have this totally thoughtful farmer friend, much like a big brother to me, that’s always bringing me almonds or grapes from his crops or, at times, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Always a wonderful treat, but often more than I can eat by myself.

Recently I was gifted with fresh apricots, plums, and big, fat, red, juicy tomatoes.  Knowing full well, as wonderful as all of it was, there was no way I could eat it all before it’d start to spoil, I had to find someone to share it all with.

There is this cute little couple I’ve nicked named Grandma & Grandpa that live catty corner, across the street from my new home.  I’m never sure how old they’re going to be each time I talk to them, their ages ranging from 76 to 96, always consistently ending in a six.  I always enjoy a quick visit while they’re sitting out front of their home, watching the comings and goings of our little gated neighborhood.  They’re like the greeting team, always waving hello or goodbye as I’m coming and going.  Personally, I think they might be better than security or the neighborhood watch team.  They know EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that is coming and going. 

They’re adorable and I love them all ready.

I’d hesitated to give Grandma & Grandpa the fresh fruit since I remembered Grandpa had diabetes, however tonight I was able to have a quick word with Grandma, and as it ends up, they not only can eat fresh fruit, but love to have it. 

The only thing better than giving someone something they’d like is seeing how much they totally appreciate it.  I can’t remember the last time someone thanked me so graciously for a kindness I’d given or shared … the blessing was mine more than theirs.


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