Life at the moment …

New_house_kandahar_0062 Life is still totally wrapped up in a non-stop busy pace that’s been going on since I came to the conclusion that I needed to move in May (a blog for a less busy time).  In the mean time I wanted to make a new entry and can I just say … I LOVE my new home and the Ark kids LOVE their new yard.  Life is still a bit in busy overdrive, but I’m hoping to catch my breath …. soon.  *smiles*

Izzy made it through her RCA Dog Days and is now stitches & cone free.  She’s also made progress on how timid she is thanks to some sage advice given to me by my totally beautiful 3rd oldest sister, who has a lot of animal training skills.

Collage2 The picture I have of boxes "at the old place" are on my  phone and sort of stuck there until I learn how to send them to my files or email.  It’s sort of a case of "Smart phone and … not so …tech savvy blonde" .. or something like that.


I’m still singing 99 boxes of stuff to unpack .. 99 boxes of Stuffffff … 

I aspire to be Boxxxx Freeee SOON.  If for no other reason than trying to get the 70’s & 80’s hit songs to box lyrics OUT of my poor little head.

(btw… this is AFTER the unpacking had begun ..)


With so much to get done, and all that yard I’m dieing to play in, I developed a method.  Wash out a cupboard, unpack a box, plant some flowers, thus enabling me to do what I REALLY want to do .. play with flowers and be my little Sprite self.

Pink Zinnia’s, lavender & pink Vinca and lavender Petunias were the first flowers to begin the Sprite flower initiation of my back yard.  I’m going to play with different color schemes and types of flowers and plants throughout the yard .. yay! (I LOVE planting  flowers!)


And last, but not least, the most famous box in the house, the one Dude has bit his tongue about for, ohhh… 6 months or so (*grins* – I had … reasons..), was opened, set up and is now happily running in my office thanks to my favorite local tech guy, Louis. (waves @ Louis & sends a hug)


Even though I’ve totally a ton of boxes to finish unpacking & settling in to get done, I’ve also been busy shopping the last 3 days, buying snacks & goods for care packages I’m sending to a troop of our soldiers in Kandahar.  I also have to add that I am TOTALLY psyched that, with my new home I have totally ALL the room I need to organize my Kandahar stash in my pantry!  It’s not scattered all over my house!! (in truth, I haven’t even found my box of pantry goods yet.. lol)

Yes, all of that is for a troop in Kandahar.  I’m not for or pro war, but I am for our soldiers – they’re our men & women.  Our son’s, and husbands, brothers, and fathers.  Our sisters and daughters, wives and mothers.  They are OUR people – and I think We shouldn’t forget about them.  Today in Costco a man I’d asked for some Salsa advice (I so know nothing about Salsa) was totally amazed that I was doing this and kept asking me, "do you know someone there?"  My answer is, "no, I don’t.  I do it because I can." (then he proceeded to follow me around the store.. lol)

Everyone can make a positive difference in the world, one person at a time.  You don’t have to give a lot or do a lot to do it.  Anything positive counts. 

More later …    it’s late and I’ve dr. appointments in the morning .. again. (I’m ok, just being – responsible, sort of .. lol)


4 responses to “Life at the moment …

  1. Big’s amazing how good giving back can make a person feel…
    Let me know if I can help.

  2. Very cool, Hunny Bunny! Where do you get addresses to send your care packages – that’s an awfully good thing to do.

  3. Glad to hear Izzy is collar and stitch free. Bless her little heart!
    I love the way you unpack – that’s how I’ve been doing it. Unpack a box or two – play on internet…or knit for a half hour…or read. It is working better for me.
    Love what you are doing for our soldiers. I’ve managed to send a few things over there this year…not as much as I want…
    So happy for you in your new home…

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