From the outside, looking in …

Collage9This is where my million and one boxes ended up landing.  Welcome to my new home.

During the course of the past 2 years, whenever I would become overtired or feel down hearted, I would drive through this new neighborhood I knew of & walk through the model homes, getting ideas & redirecting my focus on the lifestyle direction I wanted to move toward.  The days of choosing between medication & food, sometimes going without both are over for me …  one foot in front of the other, I keep my focus on moving forward, loving and living a happy, abundantly successful life in thought and deed. 

My new home ended up being less than a block from the neighborhood  I used to walk through during those times of redirecting my focus. 

Rather cool, don’t you think?

I love my new home.  Now .. if I could just find a way to dispose of all these empty boxes. lol


5 responses to “From the outside, looking in …

  1. It looks like a wonderful place. I know that you have really been working your tail off to get ready for the move..I’m sure there is just as much work now that you and the boxes have arrived…
    Take some time to enjoy…inspiring blog post.

  2. Wow, Honey, it’s so… so… White! LOL! It’s beautiful! I wish you much happiness in your new home!

  3. Oh how wonderful! May your years there be full of joy!

  4. May there be nothing but joy and happiness in your beautiful new home. It is gorgeous!!!

  5. Oh Sprite! It’s just magnificent! How fresh and wonderful. Have loads of fun making it just the best home for you and the babies!

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