I’m not afraid of my shadow… really, I’m not ..


When you only have 2 weeks to move life seems to take on a  bit of a blur somewhere between the day you sign the rental form and 2 days before count down. 

I mean, this is Wednesday?  Really??? 

Since Memorial Day weekend and my decision that it was time to leave here NOW (a story I’ll tell you later when I have more time), one day has unfolded upon the next.  First I was house shopping, which in turn ended in a mad seek and search for boxes, followed by a packing and filling boxes spree only to end in bemoaning my life and my brain for the perfect box.  They’re too big, they’re too small … oh my kingdom for the perfect box! (oh .. I guess the brain part doesn’t fit .. I probably lost that somewhere last week)

So, to my point … finally. *laughs*

Last week the rental manager gave me a gate key so I could check out my back yard and eyeball where I wanted to plant plants. (I am SO excited about having a yard again!!)  Since I’ve been a little worried about how timid Izzy still is with anything outside the safety of her home, I took her with me for a little ride and to spend some one on one time.

Izzy LOVED the back yard… but she was afraid of her reflection in the sliding glass patio door.

Serious.  She LOOKED and saw herself, not knowing that was her, she growled!  Her little ears went back (something I’ve never seen her do before) and she started to growl!  So, I got down in front of the glass patio door to show her it was all right and let her learn about reflections. 

First she peeked around me, then stepped out a little more.  Finally she got it .. .but I tell you, she’s SUCH a mommy’s girl and truly scared of her own shadow.  I’ve a lot of work with this one!


4 responses to “I’m not afraid of my shadow… really, I’m not ..

  1. …and one day you can all stop dreaming of boxes!


  2. That’s true – you can stop dreaming about boxes. i stopped dreaming about them long ago… *blink, blink*

  3. What is this moving season for all of us!!
    Poor baby – that was so cute – Izzy and her shadow…
    So, when do you move in????

  4. Boxes? Oh, those cardboard things that I bought so many of last summer. Eek!
    Now, just remember to leave the sliding door dirty enough so that Izzy doesn’t try to run through it!

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