Packing up memories…


I debated whether to throw out my old albums while in the midst of my packing to move.  It’s a collection of music from the 1970’s during my high school and college days. (college the first time around, when I attended on a basketball & science scholastic scholarship)

Dude thought I should hold on to ’em for a while, so I boxed them up ready for the movers to tote them to the new place at the end of the week.

After I get settled in I’m going to have a 1970’s song fest or maybe some crazy That’s 70’s party. lol


Also came across this old picture, neatly wrapped and tucked away in a keepsake jewelry box (with little if any jewelry in it).  It’s of Pierre, the poodle I was given for my 8th birthday.  I can’t remember how old he is in this picture, but he was getting up there.  I think he lived until he was 18 or 19. 

But .. picture Pierre chasing after an 8 yr. old me with my golden hair falling out of it’s ponytail, wearing pink ballet slippers, constantly doing pirouette’s through the house.  Little poodle yaps and little girl giggles all the way out the front door of the house, into the barn where the two of us would take off on Trixie, my pinto pony. (Pierre rode as well as I did, almost.  Serious.  He hated to be left behind, so he rode with me.)

Sweet memories make soft the hard.


2 responses to “Packing up memories…

  1. Isn’t it fun to find memories! Know what you are going through – for me I’m finding them as I unpack – maybe that’s why the unpacking is going so slowly!!!!

  2. Aww! That is the only thing I like about moving — all the good memories that get uncovered.

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