The Day as an Ark Mom…


This morning Izzy underwent doggy birth control.  She’ll be participating in the RCA dog look alike contest for the next week – or until her stitches heal, which ever comes first.


At the moment, my little cherub is pretty wiped out.  I’m not quite sure how we’re going to work out the sleeping arrangement since they all usually end up in bed with me.  I can just imagine waking up  with cone and puppy, both, in my face.


The pre move packing of boxes household routine is causing Galen, my 110 lb bundle of joy, some grief.  Mostly in that he’s not getting the "mommy" attention he’s accustomed to .. and of course, I’m feeling guilty. (how sad is it when your DOG can guilt you???)

I took advantage of Izzy needing to be in the doggy hospital today for her spay procedure, and dropped Galen off at playtime, hoping it would help chill him out a little. (trust me, he CAN pout!) 

Galen_report_card_1 From drop of to pick up, you’d think my Galen was a Rock Star!  They LOVE him at his favorite kennel and play center.

Everyone Ooo’ed and Awww’ed over how much he’s grown since they saw him last (it’s just been a couple of months – I’m telling you, at this rate, a horse trailer’s not a bad idea!)

His Playgroup Report Card was just TOO hilarious not to share!  My boy never fails to entertain me.  Even when he’s entertaining others.  *smiles* (if you click on the report cards, they’ll enlarge)


5 responses to “The Day as an Ark Mom…

  1. And I thought the reports my infant nephew brings home are hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Galen seems to be a well behaved and well liked doggie-friend.

  2. It always makes a mom proud when her kid brings home a great report card.
    You hung it on the fridge for all to see, right?

  3. Awwww…. Poor Izzy. Her cousin Lizzie had her uterus removed several years ago, and she said to tell Izzy she doesn’t even miss it….

  4. Poor Izzy!!! I hope she feels better soon…
    galen’s report card was just too cute!!! How awesome is that…I love it.
    Hey, thanks for everything – I’m slow with e-mail or snail mail – but I did show photos on blog…

  5. Izzy looks so lost, poor dear. OMG a doggy play group how cool is that!?!

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