Stretch out and Nap …


The Ark kids are having a hard time with their mom being overly busy, boxes taking up any free space in the house, and all in all, not getting the attention they are used to. 

After our game of "who can get wetter" the pups or me (generally, I prefer it be them), they crashed on the kitchen floor until I had to kick ’em out so I could do more .. boxingggggg.

Izzy has become a little weed and eats like she has hollow legs these days.  I’m hoping she won’t grow to be as big as Galen, otherwise I’ll give up on the SUV and just get a horse trailer to haul them around in.

We discovered today that Grandma B (my biological mom) might still have a few issues over my having gotten another puppy and the fact that Izzy exists.  Although very shy, Izzy was not do be undone by Grandma’s curtness toward her and promptly sent Grandma B an "I Love You" letter full of her baby pictures.  Who could not love her then?   


4 responses to “Stretch out and Nap …

  1. Goodness, could they be any more adorable??? Great pic!

  2. Awwww who could not love Izzy. Oh and Galen too. 😉

  3. She is really growing! I remember when she was just a tiny thing next to Galen.

  4. Precious. Just precious!!

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