Happy Vali-not Patrick’s-Easter-OMG it’s Mother’s Day ….

June_blog_011_2_2 Last February I started a new care package project, choosing people from my blog that I thought were totally wonderful people, as well as a few others I know and a favorite niece and nephew … or two.

The plan started off pretty well initially, me playing Susie Crocker, baking away in the kitchen – and then, life happened, using up most of my spare time, like I’d ever had much to begin with. 

I was rear ended by a non English speaking person with no insurance, DMV screwed up TWICE, making MAJOR errors (I’m still fighting their last mistake), then work issues got sprinkled in the mix with a contractor gone straight to greedville … life, you know?  Things that eat up time and, if you’re not careful, your brain.  Hopefully I’ve most of my brain left.

But, the cool thing is, I FINALLY got my care packages mailed off!  All 20 or so of them.  I think I lost count.  What started out to be a Valentines Care Package ended up being added on to, baked, re-baked, then strung out through the first six months of the year while I was bouncing life, work, the return to physical therapy and striving to complete my gift giving goals!June_blog_011_3 

Hey!  No point in giving up!  Just get creative,  that’s what I always say. 

That and Thank God for Plan B!!

So, I shopped and I bought.  Some goofy stuff, some silly.  Some girly-girl.  Some chocolate, some candy (cuz what would I be doing giving a gift without it?), a few items that might be needed but many that might not.  Just goofiness.  A laugh, a smile, a Sprite loves you moment.


While I was busy baking, packing and wrapping, Galen took up reading again.  I swear, I’m going to have the smartest dog this side of the East Coast.  Really.  He just devours those books.

Vd_cupcakes_how_many_3_2 Some of you might have noticed that the *Valentine* part of your Happy Vali-not Patrick’s-Easter-OMG it’s Mother’s Day Care Packages didn’t have any of these cupcakes in them. 

Well, that would be mainly because I didn’t re-bake these little babies.  And the first  batch???  I ate them.  All of them.  Gone.  Grazed for several days – and then, they were … gone.

*smiles pretty*


5 responses to “Happy Vali-not Patrick’s-Easter-OMG it’s Mother’s Day ….

  1. You baked all that? When do you find the time with moving?

  2. LOL watch that girly figure hon LOL good thing Galen takes you for nice walks LOL.

  3. I feel very honored to have had my name on one of those special packages.


  4. Boy, was I one of the fortunate ones! Loved my package – as you can tell by my blog post…
    Thank you so much for thinking of me – you really made my day!!!
    Galen is doing well with his reading…I see…

  5. Me too! Thank you, Sprite! After the Prom I intend to paint my toesies with the bright pink nail polish!

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