Is it a wonder I get dizzy???

Dizzy I was trying to sleep in this morning, catching some needed rest, but the rest of the world decided it wouldn’t let me. 

First ringy dingy before my eyes are open.  The new insurance company. 

After the way Esurance handled the February accident when I was rear ended, I’d decided I couldn’t wait to leave them. Never in my life have I seen such POOR service to a customer.  I think the girl assigned my case was too busy fluffing her hair to read the insurance manual in school …  Or something.   

I just couldn’t find it within myself to appreciate the lack of ability she demonstrated in doing her job and how I was left to do it.  I did notice, though, at the end of the month, when everyone else at Esurance was getting their pay checks, I didn’t get one! Hardly fair since I was forced to do THEIR work.

So, my much needed sleep was interrupted by the New Insurance Company and a very apologetic voice on the other end, wishing he hadn’t woken me up.  He’s sweet, I can’t wait to get my new policy in effect, and he reminds me to cancel Esurance effective Thursday.  Yay! 

Can you believe, to cancel Esurance they dinged me $50 for this hidden early cancellation fee??  It isn’t bad enough that they did a lousy enough job to drive me away, they ding me for a $50 fee on the way out the door?? HOW messed up is THAT??? 

*perplexed, I want to kill but I don’t like being a bitch, blonde look*  (oh wait .. I TRIED to be a biotch!! lol)

Helpentercompressed From there I booted up my computer to find a fake letter from my ISP and the lack of ability to send out going mail.


It is a pretty day outside.  Not so sunny inside.

It took FIVE calls and SIX hours for my ISP to straighten out that little issue correctly.  On call number FIVE, the technician that actually did the job right, correctly AND thoroughly took mercy and gave me a month’s credit on my bill.  Yay!!

My reply? … "OMG! I Love You, will you marry me???"

Technician, who bursts into laughter,  "That’s very nice, but don’t you think my wife might mind? I’m glad to have taken care of things for you.  They should have done this on your first call this morning."

Me:  "It’s Ok, tell her I’m just borrowing you .. better yet, tell her I said she needs to cook you a special dinner tonight, that you’ve had a hard day at the office and you just missed being verbally assassinated by an angry customer."

Tech, still laughing, "Ok, I’ll tell her that, will you hold on for a second so I can process your credit for next month?"

So, that had a happy ending after SIX hours of hell. 

Can you believe I almost got married without you guys?  What ever was I thinking???

*blink, blink*

Now all I have to do is finish dealing with Toyota, Plantronics, PCUniverse .. oh yeah, and Verizon over billed me … again.



3 responses to “Is it a wonder I get dizzy???

  1. I think there should be major awards for customer service/tech people who actually do their job. Sad though that it isn’t a common occurrence.
    Yay for your new insurance. May you have many good years with them, and heck..even no reason for a claim!

  2. So, is there one company in particular that gets your b.p. up? The phone company does it to me — I start yelling from the word go! Yea on finally getting the right guy at your ISP and finding the right insurance co. **HUGS**

  3. You know that Pauly would have been so pissed if he could not have been your flower girl! Whew..that was a close one!

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