Ok, this is a little odd…

Man_in_grocery_store Grocery shopping has gotten a little … strange for me.  I’m never quite sure how these things happen.  Especially since locally I specifically play *down* the assets and usually attire myself somewhere between gym clothes and frumpwear.  You know…. 

The attract less attention thing. 

Don’t get me wrong – i LOVE to dress & am having fun rebuilding a new wardrobe – when I can find my size and my style.

Gym clothes are just SO comfy AND easy to wear. Especially on hectic and busy days.  Plus, I like to think that my body will KNOW it’s supposed to be burning calories when I wear gym clothes (not that I count them), as well as firming and toning when I have them on.  Sort of like subliminal training. 

Well… it could happen.  At least in a blonde imagination.  lol

So, this past month I’ve been a little surprised to have one of my local grocers start breaking out in songs when I come through his check out line.  At first I thought he was just in a singing mood and it had nothing to do with me. 

A couple more trips to the grocery store this proved to be the wrong assumption. He’s singing to ME.

*groans and blushes*

So, like .. I’ve been avoiding this particular guy at the grocery store for the past couple of weeks (3 of them) because, well…  having a checkout grocer break into his own rendition of a love ballad while he’s checking me out gets a little …embarrassing. 

All I can think of … is … HOW did this happen?  WHEN did this happen.  I’ve seen this guy around for YEARS at this grocery store and there’s been no sign until recently. (I have had one of the grocery stockers in this store crush on me before and thought I was in the clear now.)

Today, another STRANGE thing happened at said grocery store.

Yet another checker is caught up in odd behavior. (avoiding the line with the singing grocer) 

One of the managers was ringing my groceries up.  Very nice man.  Very pleasant.  Before I could even GET to the area where we bag our groceries (this IS a do-it-yourself store), the manager has started bagging my groceries for me.   A very nice gesture – except for the line of people BEHIND me probably didn’t appreciate his attentiveness to my groceries.

It’s one of those special little nice things that I always appreciate.  Except for this IS the very same grocery store that has a stocker crushing on me, a checkout grocer singing love ballads at me … and now the manager bagging up my groceries.

This kind of local behavior makes me nervous. Very nervous.

I need to redesign my frumpwear.  And what’s going to happen when I join the adult race and start dressing again?  *sighs* 

So not fair.


5 responses to “Ok, this is a little odd…

  1. Hmmm..you may want to think about going to the all lady grocery store.

  2. LOL well it’s better than having your mentally challenged lawn mower guy hit on you! Trust me on this.

  3. ok why does your pic. look like Pdude LOLOL.

  4. Hi,
    I have been gone for a while and catching up..
    Maybe thay have a pool going, you are going to make one of the three rich one day..LOL

  5. They all have a crush on you?

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