Going pink …

April_blog_016 The Nail Nazi and I got together on Friday.  Not our usual day, but … neither of us have your average, everyday, usual lives.

Granted, The Nail Nazi ALWAYS gets the last say and chooses my color.  I only get to make or bring suggestions. 


(we do discuss what I’ll be wearing, if I’m doing a photo shoot, travel plans – those silly little things first)

This visit to the Nail Nazi, I’ve discovered she’s turned into the BOW LADY.  Soon to be the Bow Nazi, I’m sure. 

Inspired by her beautiful four year old daughter, (or is she 3? Well, does it matter?  She’s an absolutely beautiful, wonderfully precocious child whom I adore.) The Nail Nazi went into the bow business.  Just like that!  POOF!  Nail Nazi turned Bow Lady. *smiles*

The_life_guard_makes_me_blush_5  Best of all, my beloved Nail Nazi is getting her FIRST computer!!  Yay!!  Just wait til I hook her up with twitter and blogging!   Hell hath no fury like a Bow Lady in search of the best deals on ribbon!  She’ll be storming through the search engines with mad bow disease, looking for quality ribbon. (note to self: hook her up with E )

This is gonna be fun.

Oh … and this week’s nail color is OPI, THE LIFE GUARD MAKES ME BLUSH.


4 responses to “Going pink …

  1. Nice color! I have to remain polishless until after my facial repair work so I am thinking about something wild for the end of the work week. Might have to go out and get some Lifeguard/blush. *g*
    You got a good one in the Nail Nazi.
    Hope your week is a good one.

  2. I’m a bit behind in blog reading so have read the last 3 all at once. All I can say is that you get into the most bizarre occurrences without even trying. Just think what you could do if you set out to make your life being more complicated! Hope the powers that be rescind the parking ticket!
    Love the new color! I only do my toes but I’m thinking they need PINK..cause the Sprite has inspired me *G*
    Love you!

  3. Just caught up on my reading here…hmmm…so, did the LA dum-dums get it yet or not? It’s amazing, isn’t it!!!
    Pink is a nice color for nails…I haven’t had pink in a long time…usually go for the wild REDS!

  4. Love the color. OMG the name reminds me of when I was young and very, very blond LOL. I bought a bathing suit with a white upper part, not realizing when it gets wet it is very see through. hehehe

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