On my wish list …

Pilates_2 I am totally determined to get a Pilate’s reformers bed for home.  Pilate’s ROCKS! I hate it when I can’t get to class.  It makes me have Sprite frowns, which we all know are not good for the body.  PLUS they can cause wrinkles!  Now that I’m 50, I thought I should watch that kind of stuff. *grins*

Being able to work out at home when life is crazy (and DMV is needlessly chewing up my time) would make me one happy blonde!  Not to mention how much easier it wouold make my life.  (wonders if she can take a work call while working on out said reformer – HAS taken work calls while in class) 

Not only would it make me one happy blonde, as a matter of fact … it would make me the happiest ever!!  Better than new car rich!  

*laughs n rolls eyes*

This is absolutely on my, "I wished SO hard … I bought it" list.  (because truly, I’m going to!) 



2 responses to “On my wish list …

  1. You are a better woman than I. A pilates bed is lot one of those things I aspire to but then I have never tried more than just the DVD versions of pilates.

  2. It looks like some sort of ancient torture device. :o)

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