Even though…


Even though plan "A" didn’t turn out for getting my taxes done and I’ve ended up working hard on plan "B", scrambling to get them done myself…  my neighbors make me feel SO much better about my tardiness.

It’s after Easter and yep, you’ve got it .. the broken Christmas lights are still a hanging there, swinging in the breeze. *smiles*


One response to “Even though…

  1. Hi Blonde By Design, I like the bit about men not needing to be able to do everything. Even if we are capable of doing everything. Sometimes the time is not right or we couldn’t do a good job in the timeframe allotted and that is when we need to learn to say “not possible”, not “I can’t”. The worse thing we can do, and is typically what we do is say “I can” and end up making a real mess of things.

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