Happy Easter …


Happy Easter!!

(I stole this from Cat .. *grins at Cat*)


On another news front, my beautiful 3rd oldest sister sent me this REALLY beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday.  Totally sweet of her.Also have some other totally sweet things to tell you about .. like Susan’s really cool coasters she sent me (that I’m willing to bet she MADE – so cool!), and got a piece of Ireland from Ann. (so glad the sheep wasn’t drunk, dear .. lol *winks*), ummm, some cards waiting for me to open, and my Secret Santa sent a  really cool rice steamer cooker thingy majig (I think Santa worries about me slaving over a hot stove – and ya know, he’s right!  Blondes should never have to work hard at anything ..lol)Oh .. yeah .. today’s my birthday. Really, I’m pretty luke warm about it.  Spending your birthday alone is never all it’s cracked up to be.  I’ve got a bit of work to do, then we’ll see…   Lord only knows I certainly have enough to get done and had enough time wasted dancing between Verizon and DMV this past week. I do know, the very last place I want to be, is anywhere near a computer on my birthday.  Just not enough warmth, ya know what I mean?


5 responses to “Happy Easter …

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And many, many more!

  2. Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny!

  3. Happy “Five Ohhhhhhhh”

  4. Welcome to the fifty and fabulous 2007 celebration…I can’t think of anyone more fun to celebrate being 50 with…
    Unless Mark Harmon is 50, in that case I am all over him..hmmm..I would love to be all over him no matter what age he is.

  5. happy happy wonderful year!

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