Blonde in training…


My mommy is going to bed early and Galen and Kitty are sleeping in the spot I WANT.


I’ll lay here and whimper and my mommy will come ask me whats wrong.


I want her to make Galen and Kitty MOVE!  Galen’s too close to the top of the bed.  By the pillows!!  That’s where I like to sleep!!


All Better!!

On a human note – it’s been a crazy busy week all ready.  Fires (the human kind) at work to put out (task basically accomplished), so I’ve been keeping up with work, trying to catch up with all the in between work stuff, had a great visit with the Nail Nazi and two killer Pilate’s workouts yesterday and today. 

Oh … and I took my – not spoiled enough – youngest Ark kids (Galen and Izzy) to their first dog park.  They loved it.  Izzy is still very shy with others and hides behind me, Galen is easy going and very popular.  Everyone Ooo’s and Awww’s over how he’ll even play with the little ones and he’s careful. 

Now if he’d just get over his Puppy A.D.D. when we’re out walking.  He’ll see a leaf or some – "anything else" – that distracts him and if I’m not careful I end up doing either the Fred Flintstones act or trying not to look like I’m a kite flying behind him, while my 110 Man Eating, Tail Wagging, Puppy has lost his focus and is RUNNING to "check the *whatever it is* out" … pulling me along after him.   

I imagine it LOOKS quite funny, but I’m never quite impressed enough to laugh at his distractions.

On a total different, but still Ark Family note .. we’ve had some really GREAT and much needed rainy weather here.  I totally LOVED it … except for the part about taking THREE dogs out to do their business in the rain and having ONE of them have Puppy Poop A.D.D. (you guessed it – Galen!).  Ohhh lordy, I love my little big man, but I SO wanted to strangle him the other night…

Which brings me to another point.

These long, nicely tapered fingers and perfectly manicured hands of mine have picked up WAY too much dog duty *laughs*… 

I mean, really… 

I get manicures twice a month to pick up dog poop?  What is up with that???  Shouldn’t I have a butler or something to do that for me?  Really .. I seriously have to figure out where I’m going to live and start house shopping.  The pooper scooper business is getting old. 

*blink, blink, grin*



4 responses to “Blonde in training…

  1. That’s the price of having kids. You have to clean up after them. Doesn’t matter if they have four feet or just two. *g*
    Have a great day!

  2. Your babies are just too adorable. Izzy is such a heart breaker, and the other two curled up sleeping is a hoot. Very precious. Just like Mommy. *wink*

  3. I know what you mean about cleaning up after the kids…gets tiring sometimes. You could always get a slave – or hire a “pool boy” – isn’t that what they call them in CA????
    Izzy is adorable!!! What an expressive face…Galan is 110 pounds now??????

  4. Awww he is so cute giving the ‘Mommy aw c’mon feel sorry for me’ face.

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