Did you think I was kidding???


Seeeeee, did you think I was kidding???  She puts me in JAIL!!


Can you get me out of here???

What makes anyone think GALEN didn’t do it???


Seriously people…

It was blue and it was pretty. I’m a little girl, I like pretty blue things.  They match my eyes.

I didn’t KNOW it was mommy’s underwear!

Why isn’t Galen in trouble??  He has bigger teeth!


6 responses to “Did you think I was kidding???

  1. Awwwww….. Doesn’t she realize NO ONE touches Mommy’s underwear?
    Damn, she’s ADORABLE!

  2. My mother-in-law’s dog once found a slinky purple crotchless nothing of mine and made it even more of a nothing. *g*

  3. Goodness! She really does look pitiful behind that gate. Hard lesson to learn – Mommy’s underwear is not to be torn to shreads…We’ve had the same problem here…

  4. LOL ohhhh poor baby, she looks sooo sad, I wanted to bust her loose…..maybe I’ll bake her a doggie biscut with a file in it *giggle*

  5. Oh those sad pitiful eyes! How sooo adorable!!!!

  6. Who wears underwear?

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